Why are mobile apps important in your business? Mobile applications are entirely new trend in the market. Business apps form an element of convenience for your customers due to higher level of interaction. Weather you own small, medium or big company; you will always find a new way to reach out to your customers and establish strong relationship. There are some of the great features that make it even easier to engage your users and ensure that they keep using your app by offering complete solutions. Some of the features are, Product Listing, automatic Facebook Connect, Photo Sharing, event promotion, 2D / 3D Effect, Maintaining history, Apps tracker and many more.

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Mobile Apps VS Mobile Website

Mobile Apps Mobile Websites
Both offline & Online Online
Aim: If your targeted customers are users of some specific device or information offline. Aim : Reach mass market and make your company interested for general public
Mobile apps provide more functionality. Ideal for utilities and games. Easier and Better for Advertisement
if your choice is mobile apps you’ll have to develop several new apps for various devices you want to cover whereas one mobile website is enough for any device with web browsing
Need a approval from apps store each time a device is upgraded, you have to upgrade your app, too. No approval and upgrade needed
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